On behalf of the ASPIC Board of Directors and of the Organizing and Scientific Committee of the 2nd ASPIC International Congress, it is our pleasure to invite you to join the 2nd ASPIC International Congress to be held on April 28-29, 2016, at the IPO-Porto Auditorium, in Porto, Portugal.

The 2nd ASPIC Congress is part of the Porto Cancer Meeting organized by Ipatimup for more than 20 years and also of the Porto Comprehensive Cancer Centre and thus highlights the engagement of Porto in the national cancer research initiatives.

The upcoming 2nd ASPIC International Congress will be an excellent opportunity to share knowledge on the new developments at basic and clinical levels in cancer immunology, tumor biology, signaling pathways and radiobiology.

We expect that the scientific community will take an active part in this conference, benefit from the exciting scientific programme and take the opportunity to make new contacts and establish new collaborations. Young scientists will have the time and space to meet experts in different fields. It is our aim to create an open and engaging environment for discussion and to liaise portuguese scientists with basic background with clinically oriented professionals.

Porto is a perfect venue for a scientific congress. We have excellent cancer research centers in a city living an especially stimulating moment. The historic center of the city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, and the different kinds of architectural styles, exquisite gastronomy, the Douro river, the Port Wine cellars, art galleries and charming streets with a still unique environment, are a perfect setting for the event.

We look forward to welcoming you in April 2016.

José Laranja Pontes

Manuel Sobrinho Simões

President and vice-President of the Congress


Meet researchers who share a common interest in cancer research 
Establish new interdisciplinary research collaborations  
Present your research and increase the public awareness for cancer research in Portugal
Promote the national cancer research community centred on ASPIC
Attract R&D investment and promote fund raising activities
Share the benefits of being a member of ASPIC and EACR


The 2nd ASPIC International Congress was accredited by the European Accreditation Council on CME (EACCME) with 11 hours of European external CME credits.